What we do

2DB is a software development and consultancy company based in the UK. We specialize in digital signage products and software development for an extensive range of applications for major organizations in a variety of market sectors; having established a market-leading position within the gaming and wagering industries worldwide.

2DB sell sophisticated information display systems for all kinds of signage environments; traditionally focusing on betting shops, racetracks, casinos and other kinds of sporting or wagering venues, but now applied to other business sectors such as transport, retail and travel.

The team at 2DB have a long history of delivering bespoke display solutions, going back as far as 1981! We have a proven track record, customers in over 15 countries, display solutions driving over 40,000 screens and a strategy to expand and take on new challenges.

Our range of shop display controllers suit all budgets, with advice and recommendations to ensure the most effective and appropriate hardware is chosen. All equipment is tried and tested before delivery and custom configured as necessary.

Our delivery team are there to help deploy, support and maintain the service thereafter, building a collaborative relationship to drive the business forward.

Bespoke Solutions

Our signage products are highly customisable and ready to deploy with minimal effort. Customers with specific requirements will find an open door at 2DB, with an attentive team ready to tailor a solution to meet all demands. Our in-house development team have years of experience in this field; with the confidence and skill sets to add features, customisations or entirely new modules as necessary.

Data Integration

Almost all of our customers require a signage solution that incorporates integration with one or more live data feeds or back-end database systems.

Having worked with a wide variety of system integrations, the team at 2DB are highly adept and skilled in this area; whether it be REST APIs, message brokering systems, TCP socket feeds or longer standing technologies such as FTP or direct RDBMS access (we’ve seen them all!). One thing is for sure, we can get you connected quickly!

Content Management System

CMS systems in the world of digital signage solutions need to do a whole lot more than just edit and manipulate content display! The team at 2DB have evolved our CMS over many years to facilitate a fantastic user experience, with many automated features designed to reduce operator time and overheads.